St. Peters National School Mountcharles. 2012/2013

We were asked to design an extension to the school that would accommodate a purpose designed Autism spectrum unit, integrated with the existing school.  Part of these proposals resulted in the provision of a general purpose room and new entrance to the school, all resulting in a dramatically different light filled stimulating learning environment for all.  The new extension served as a catalyst for the refurbishment of the existing school also.  St. Peters is now ready for it’s next 50 years!


Photos by Heike Thiel, Freelens Photography


What the Clients say.....

On the 24th October 2013, St Peter N.S. Mountcharles, Co. Donegal officially opened two new wings to our school.  As Chairman of the school, I can say on behalf of the school, how proud we are of the new modern up-to-date facilities we now have ; a New Gym, Special needs classroom, Staffroom and Entrances.  This was all achieved under the watchful care, and good design of Paul Doherty and his team.  We benefitted from Pauls’ experience and expertise in providing facilities that are adaptable to change and will meet the needs of the School and the Community for many years to come. 

Fr. Adrian Gavigan, Chairman Board of Management
St. Peters National School.