The Services we provide to Legal Firms include:


Land Registry Mapping

If any kind of property needs to be given a new title, the plot has to be firstly lodged, and then approved by the Property Registration Authority. Often properties have not been previously registered, and would then have to complete the First Registration process. Regardless if the property is in Donegal or elsewhere, Paul Doherty Architects can complete an extensive site survey, area certification and production of title maps for submission to Property Registration Authority.

Building Surveys

A Building Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property. It is the most comprehensive of the surveys available for residential properties and will provide a detailed evaluation of a property's condition. Past Clients have described Paul Doherty Architects building Surveys as "the most professional and comprehensive report” they had ever seen. We provide throrough and clear surveys consistently. 

Certificates of compliance with Planning & Building regulations

A Certificate of Compliance is required for all new build work and for all alterations, additions or extension work to an existing property to ensure that all works have been carried out in accordance with any Planning Permission granted and the Building Regulations. We can inspect and confirm if a building or construction project has been built in compliance with Building and Planning Regulations.

Expert Witness Reports

An expert witness, is a person whose opinion by virtue of education, training, certification, skills or experience, is accepted by the judge as an expert. We are available to act as expert witnesses, and have done so on many occasions in the past.

Building condition reports

A Building Condition Report, also called a “structural survey”, is a thorough internal and external inspection of a property to determine its condition. Before purchasing a property, we highly recommend having a Building Condition Report carried out, as it will give the buyer peace of mind that the property is all it has been advertised as, and that it also complies with all regulations.

Paul Doherty Architects provide an in-depth, all-inclusive Building condition report. We describe in detail the condition of the property, set out any faults, and also offer recomendations on how to remedy these faults.