From Idea to Reality: Our Process

Get to know You
Set up a commitment free appointment at our Donegal offices, We can use this time to find out a little about you, and  start to create a brief for your project based on your needs, aspirations, budget and Site constraints.

Visit your Site
Maybe you have not found a suitable site yet? Be it in Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim or elsewhere, we can help with this process, and advise based on our years of experienceas architects in the northwest and our understanding of your needs .
The Site is the generator of your design, often difficult sites will produce interesting and satisfying solutions! And for commercial projects - this is the time we use to research your area of business so we can offer complete solutions that are practical and specific.

Time to design
Once a clear brief is in hand, Paul Doherty Architects will initiate design of your project and usually aim to meet with the planning authority for a ‘pre planning inquiry’ to ensure no hidden planning issues exist. Back to the drawing board to progress the design and present it to you the client. The design process will often involve a few meeting’s with us to ensure that all good possibilities for your project have been studied.

Lets Get Planning
Paul Doherty Architects have a very strong track record in the Planning process, a thorough knowledge and expertise in Planning Regulations and Local Development plans results in a painless planning process for the majority of our projects.

Time to Build
The more detailed the Drawings and specification, the better the pricing!
Paul Doherty Architects will produce working drawings to the highest standard ( a time intensive process, for us), in order to assure clients that as few overruns as possible can occur after the project is on Site. This rigor also ensures that the building you agreed to, is the building you’ll get.

Your Building
When your project is on Site, we will inspect the works on a regular basis, with direct reports to you following our visit. This is to ensure that the building is indeed being built to the required standards,  ( Plannning, Building Regulations etc.,)and completely in line with the design.
Paul Doherty Architects Donegal work extremely well with the team for the works, a positive approach with Contractors and subcontractors, this we find makes for very positive results, In particular, ensuring for instance the exacting standards for passive house certification have been achieved, through regular monitoring, encourages the contractor to build to these levels.

Once all of the above stages are complete, all that is necessary are the various certificates of compliance and the owners manual, giving you the information you require to run the building efficiently, thereby saving a lot of money over the lifetime of the building.