Low Energy & Sustainable Architecture
Buildings (during construction and in use)are responsible for over 40% of Carbon dioxide emissions world wide . As architects we have a unique position and a professional and social responsibility to create and promote sustainable development.
We are committed best practice, innovation and value for money, for the benefit of our clients, our communities and the environment.
Lecturing in Sustainable design and being a  Passive House accredited Designer, has influenced the work of the practice, we now offer Low energy construction solutions for all our Projects.
Low energy and sustainable construction offers calculable benefits: An average House in Ireland (1800ft2 costs approximately €2500 in heating costs every year,the same house to a Passive Standard House will cost €275  per year!).

In short, Running a sustainable home costs a lot less!


The 6 basic principles of the Passive House standard

1.      High levels of Insulation.
2.      Thermal bridge free design
3.      Passive House windows and external doors
4.      Air-tight envelope
5.      Heat recovery ventilation
6.      Excellent site supervision.

Low energy construction promotes excellence in construction and design, with greater attention to detail
and work on Site than previously required. These higher standards result in long term quantifiable cost savings
and a superior comfort and healthy environment in which to live.
As a practice we firmly believe that in order to be truly sustainable,every project must be economically sustainable,
environmentally sustainable and socially sustainable.






We are certified passive house designers here at Paul Doherty Architects, and can answer any of your questions regarding the above.